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Marilau Mexican Cooking School
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Marilau Mexican Cooking School classes in San Miguel de Allende

Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cooking School



Cochinita Pibil: A wonderful dish that comes from the State of Yucatan, traditionally prepared in a hole under the ground. At home, we bake this dish instead. It is pork meat mixed with annatto seeds paste and spices and then wrapped with banana leaf.

Tamal de cazuela: This dish is one of the most traditional dishes in central Mexico and a very old family recipe. It is the ancestor of the Aztec pudding; instead the fried tortillas, we use the tortilla dough to get a light fluffy cooked dough. Ingredients include corn dough mixed with sugar, lard and egg batter layered in a baking pan filled with cheese, poblano chile strips cooked with tomatoes, onion and garlic. It is a dish you must bake and taste! Lard cannot be substituted..

Chiken or pork in salsa Morena: Chicken or pork meat in a salsa made with orange juices, 2 different dry chiles, onion, garlic clove and vinegar.

Tortitas de pollo: Boiled and shredded chicken mixed with diced fresh vegetables, mixed with egg batter and deep fried in vegetable oil, and then served with green salsa.

Albóndigas con rajas: Beef meat balls with poblano chile strips cooked in tomato sauce.

Albóndigas en verde: Beef meat balls mixed with raisins and almonds cooked in a green salsa.

Albóndigas en rojo: Beef and pork meat balls in a tomato sauce.

Pollo o cerdo con chorizo: Chicken or pork meat boiled in a sauce of tomatoes, chorizo (sausage) and chipotle chile.

Pollo o cerdo con nuez y chile ancho: Chicken or pork meat served with a sauce made out of chile ancho, pecans, raisins and tomatoes.

Pollo o cerdo con chorizo y nopal: Chicken or pork meat in a sauce of tomatoes, chorizo (sausage), chile chipotle and nopales (cactus pads).

Pollo en cacahuate: Chicken in a sauce made out of chile ancho, tomatoes, peanuts and sesame seeds

Revoltijo: Only available during December and Easter. A very Mexican plant named “romerito” in a mole sauce with nopales, potatoes and “tortitas” (patties) of dry shrimp.

Carne de flojas: Pork meat boiled with green tomatillos, pasilla, and ancho chilies.

Pescado a la veracruzana: Fish fillet in a sauce made out of tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime, olives.

Cerdo en salsa verde: Pork meat in a green sauce with potatoes and cactus pads.

Pollo en pipián verde: Chicken in a sauce made out of pumpkin seeds, poblano peppers, spices and vegetables.

Pollo o cerdo en pipián rojo: Pork meat or chicken in a sauce made out of almonds, pumpkin seeds, cumin, paprika and dry chiles.

Pollo en salsa de guajillo: Chicken in a guajillo (dry chile) sauce made with tomatoes, onion and garlic, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper corns.

Tinga: Boiled and shredded chicken with tomatoes, onion, garlic and chipotle chile.

Chile ancho relleno de frijoles: Ancho chile is a dry chile that you stuff with, black beans, topped with cream and cheese and baked in a tomato sauce.

Chicharrón en salsa verde: A very classic and delicious dish, pork skin cooked in green salsa.

Nopales con cerdo: This is a dish in which we mix pork meat and nopales dipped in a wonderful sauce of ancho chiles and spices.

Salpicón: Shredded beef mixed with onion, carrots, potatoes, cilantro, lettuce, and vinaigrette.

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Marilau Mexican Cooking School in San Miguel de Allende
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