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Marilau Mexican Cooking School classes in San Miguel de Allende

Marilau Mexican Ancestry Cooking School




Arroz rojo: Rice fried in vegetable oil and then cooked with onion, garlic clove and tomatoes, juices.

Arroz verde:Rice fried with vegetable oil and then cooked with poblano pepper and cilantro juices.

Arroz envuelto en hoja de plátano: Rice fried in vegetable oil and then cooked with chicken stock, onion, garlic clove. Then mixed with cream and cheese, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed.

Arroz blanco a la mexicana: Rice fried in vegetable oil and cooked with chicken broth, onion, garlic clove, and lime.


Rajas de chile poblano con crema: Poblano pepper strips sautéed with onion and cooked with Mexican Sauer cream and cheese.

Hibiscus flowers: Hibiscus flower sauté with onion, garlic, tomato and chipotle adobado chile.

Queso empanizado: Breaded manchego cheese fried and then simmered in a green salsa.

Zarapitos: A lightly fried tortilla stuffed with fried plantain and covered with mole.


Nopales con chorizo: This dish combines ingredients from Spain chorizo (sausage) and our delicious nopales.

Ensalada fresca de nopales: This is probably the most traditional fresh salad in Mexico. A boiled cactus mixture with fresh tomatoes and onion covered with vinaigrette and garnished with ground cheese and oregano.

Nopales en Molcajete: A fancy way to serve a wonderful mixture of chipotle chile and nopales in a molcajete (Prehispanic stone mortar used to make salsas). Garnish with ground cheese and sesame seeds.

Ensalada caliente de nopales: This is the most frequently way Mexicans eat nopales at home. Cook a nopales mixture of tomatoes, onion, garlic, bay leaf, marjoram, thyme and cilantro.

Nopales salteados: Sautéed nopales with onion, then you add vinegar, salt and oregano. EXQUISIT!!!

NOTE on arroz: The technique used to make rice in Mexico is very traditional and unique there is no other cuisine that uses this technique.

NOTE on nopales: In addition to corn and chiles, nopales are a traditional Mexican food. This is one of the most appreciated dishes by Mexicans.  We prepare this vegetable in many different ways.

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Marilau Mexican Cooking School in San Miguel de Allende
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